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Outdoor Spaces and Artificial Lawn

Creating THAT outdoor space!
  • Creating that outdoor space is a task requiring a lot of thought.
  • What is your ultimate goal and what is it's intended use?

Whether you live in a town house or a family home in the suburbs, having access to outdoor space is a definite luxury. As extensions of your home, outdoor living spaces make for warm-weather spots for entertaining and relaxing with friends and family - as well as private oases for you to tune out the bustle of the everyday.

Comfort, then, should be as much a priority in your outdoor spaces as it is inside your home. Fortunately there are myriad options to maximize comfort, whether your space is an urban backyard, an expansive poolside, or a small balcony or deck.

Privacy forms an imortant part of your outdoor space and our screen wall options help creating just enough privacy to seclude you without excluding you form your immediate environment. No more neighbours peaking over your boundary walls whilst you're entertaining on the deck or lounging next to the pool.

Everyone enjoys time spent outside and on a patio - whether that means starting your morning outside with a cup of coffee and a book, inviting friends over for a dinner party, or enjoying a sunny brunch outside. 

Create Space.
Donít be afraid to use the walls and ceilings in your outdoor space. If you only use furniture on a patio and donít build up a little, your space can look flat. Giving your outdoor space a little dimension will make the space feel whole. 


Keep It as Natural as Possible.
Using elements of nature in your outdoor space is sure to give it life. Whether you love having flowers around, tending to a garden, or prefer low maintenance plants, use them! It keeps a space fresh and happy. Or, if your space allows, try adding a small water or fire feature. Who doesnít love listening to a gurgling fountain or a crackling fire?


Get Comfortable.
If your patio is a place where you plan on spending a lot of time, take the time to think about what will make the space feel most comfortable for you. For some, that means an added screen for privacy. Maybe it means adding a sunshade to protect you from the hot summer sun. Remember, when it comes to furniture you always want to err on the side of comfort. 


Create Ambiance.
In the heat of summer, you may find yourself wanting to reserve patio time for the evenings when you can beat the heat. Lights have the power to transform your space in the later hours of the day. Whether that means candles, lanterns, or strung lights, be sure to add a little light to your space for those perfect summer nights. 


Perfectly Prepped for Entertaining.

One of the greatest things about the outdoors is the ability it gives us to entertain. Maybe you plan on having your friends over for dinner parties or maybe youíre excited about enjoying an amazing homemade Saturday brunch with your family. Regardless of your patio space, make sure you have a table to set down your morning coffee or evening glass of wine!


All in the Details.

At the end of the day, itís the small personal touches you add to a space that absolutely make it. The throw pillows and blanket you put on the sitting bench, the woven rug, the little pretties you keep out on the table - those personal touches make a space complete. Review your space to decide what personal touches youíd like to add. 

Make a sliding deck to create extra seating / entertaining space when the pool is not needed and a sun deck when the pool is in use.

Tip: If you rent, you probably feel that your creativity is often stifled by the rules and regulations of your landlord. Hate your concrete patio floors? Change them! There ar affordable options avaialble that you could take with you when you leave without destroying the current surface. Ask us about these posiibilities.



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